5 Questions to Ask Before You Build an Iowa Custom Home

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by admin on November 16, 2012


Now that you’re ready to start your Iowa custom home, there are five questions you should consider before beginning the process.  After you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to create the custom home of your dreams while still maintaining realistic expectations on time and budget.

What’s My Ideal Location?

The first step in building a custom home is to decide on your ideal location.  On your initial meeting with your Des Moines builder, you will most likely discuss your location requirements.  So to prepare, take time to drive around and select a few areas that you are interested in that you can share with your builder.

From there, your builder will be able to guide you through the process of reviewing and selecting your prefect location and itemizing out all the associated hidden costs that often go along with purchasing land in Iowa such as establishing a water source, waste removal and clearing the land.

What Are My Must Haves?

Take a step back and decide on the amenities and features that are truly “must have” items for your new Iowa home.  Think about how your family interacts and what your lifestyle is like.  If you entertain often, you might want to add extra serving areas to your kitchen.  Or maybe you work-from-home and have always wanted a secluded study or office space to call your own.

From an extra bedroom for you constant influx of out-of-town guests to an outdoor bar and seating area for parties, you and your builder will be able to customize your floor plan to meet your specific needs and desires.

What Are My Wants?

Now that you have your list of must have items, it’s time to focus on your “want” items; you know those special little features that you’ve always wanted, but don’t have to have.  In order to ensure you stay within your budget, it’s a good rule of thumb to review your entire “want” list with your builder as well.  Your builder will be able to best guide you through the process of prioritizing your wants and really helping you to stretch your dollars.

Whether it’s an over-sized master suite downstairs to a hidden nook upstairs perfect for reading in on a Sunday afternoon, you and your builder will be able to narrow your list and come up with creative, cost effective ways to build more of your luxury “want” items into your new custom home.

What is My Budget?

As with any project, you’ll want to create a budget and keeps tabs on it throughout the entire build project.  Meeting with your builder throughout the project and touching based on costs and any surprise expenses will ensure you stay on budget and have a successful custom home development project.

What is My Timeframe?

The final piece of the building puzzle is to establish your timeframe.  Keep in mind that building a custom is more than just the build process; you’ll need to allow for time to locate and purchase land, secure fixtures and appliances and settle on design elements such as flooring and lighting.

When you meet with your builder, discuss your expectations or need for moving into your new custom Iowa home.  This upfront conversation will allow you and your builder to create a project schedule that will get you where you want to be, when you’re ready to be there

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Now that you’ve answered the five questions, you have a game plan for your new Iowa custom home and you’re ready to take the first step towards making 2013 the year you finally build the custom home of your dreams!

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