Des Moines Builder Highlights Technology Home Trends for 2013

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by admin on January 11, 2013


The annual Computer Electronics Show is well underway and this year’s show is showcasing tons of amazing electronics that are being as touted as some of the big trends for Des Moines new homes in 2013.

Luxury Home Technology Trends for 2013

Home automation is a major trend for 2013 with televisions that control everything from heating and cooling to your home’s security or lighting.  This year smartphones will be on a bit of a power trip themselves as apps are enabled to control home security, unlock doors, conserve energy and tinker with lighting.  There are even apps that can provide a digital estimate on your home’s energy consumption and costs.

This year will see the continued trend in luxury Iowa new homes towards optimizing the energy efficiency of the home.  Homes built with energy efficient materials, such as foam insulation and on-site renewable energy, are already a staple of many Des Moines builders.  However, it’s expected that this year that practice will move into energy efficient automation systems.

Energy efficient home automation systems such as lighting control systems that can be tied into your HVAC system or window treatments that are programmed to automatically adjust based on outdoor lighting, time of day or indoor temperature.  These added additions to a luxury custom home built with energy efficient materials make a huge impact on the overall energy efficiency and potential costs savings for Des Moines new homes.

Looking for a way to make your indoor air even cleaner?  The newest technology for central air systems incorporates a vacuum for cleaner air and improved noise reduction to boot. This is a great new option for anyone with indoor allergies.

Trending technology will also be found in new luxury custom home kitchens in 2013.  High-end appliances, such as ovens with visuals of the food you’re cooking and step-by-step instructions on how to precisely cook any meal via a touch-screen pad, will make creating exquisite meals even easier.

Des Moines New Home: Built with Technology

Incorporating these great new technology trends into our energy efficiently built luxury Des Moines custom homes increases the cost savings opportunities and makes life even easier for our home buyers.

Experience the life-style, luxury and energy efficiency of a Castle Pointe Home for yourself.  Contact us for an initial consultation and begin the planning of your new dream home.


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