Designing An Effective In-Law Suite In Des Moines Custom Homes

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by admin on March 6, 2013


As more and more Americans find themselves living in multi-generational households, the demand for in-law suites in Iowa new homes has risen. The reasons for this increased demand are plain to see; an in-law suite can decrease the stress that comes with so many people living under one roof by providing privacy and independence for everyone living in the house.

In-Law Suite Design Considerations In Iowa New Homes

To design an effective in-law suite, an Iowa home builder will take into account several design considerations.

  • Privacy. The most important aspect of the in-law suite is privacy. Each generation should have a private living space. This can be accomplished by putting the suite on an entirely separate level of the house or ensuring each generation’s bedroom areas are situated away from each other. If possible, work with your home builder to add a second entrance exclusively for the in-law suite so visitors and guests can come and go without disrupting the rest of the household. Extra sound-proofing can help add privacy as well.
  • Common areas. Just as each generation needs their own private area, the entire family should have some common areas where they can come together. Rec rooms, family rooms, dining areas and eat-in kitchens, decks, porches and patios are all good examples.
  • Accessibility. The in-law suite should take into consideration the mobility of its occupants. If accessibility is an issue, it may need to be located on the main level of the home.
  • Functions. A basic in-law suite will have a private bedroom and bathroom area and a kitchen or kitchenette. Larger suites may have private family rooms or sitting areas. If possible the living area should be big enough to accommodate the resident’s cherished items and belongings.

An in-law suite can make living with multiple generations less stressful and bring a family closer together. Visit our featured floor plans to get some ideas for in-law suites. Then contact us to schedule an initial consultation.


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