Iowa New Homes: 6 Advantages of Custom Building

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by admin on January 17, 2013


Choosing between a prebuilt and a luxury custom built home is a choice many Des Moines new home buyers find themselves faced with.  Although prebuilt does offer the ability for a faster move-in date, the choice of selecting a luxury custom built home carries with it far more advantages.

To help better clarify the question at hand, we’ve pulled together the top 6 advantages to building a custom luxury Des Moines new home.

Custom Home Building Advantages: Control and Location

Without a doubt, the number one advantage for building a custom home is control.  With a custom home, you have full control over the layout, functions and amenities of your Des Moines new home.  Are you a light sleeper?  Then create a custom home that puts your master suite in the most secluded area of your home; ensuring you the quiet needed for a good night’s sleep.

When you build your own custom luxury home, you also have control over your location.  Being able to select your exact location not only allows you to control your commute time and neighborhood selection, it also allows you to have a say in how your luxury custom home will sit on your property.

Custom Home Advantages: Upgrade and Design

One of the most exciting advantages that come with building a luxury custom home is the ability to upgrade on appliances and materials and incorporate design elements that best reflect your personality and lifestyle.  Do you love to entertain?  When you design your own luxury custom home you can incorporate those chef grade appliances you’ve always wanted into your kitchen or built in the perfect serving area and bar in your living room or outdoor patio.

When you custom build your Iowa new home you also have the advantage of selecting the design elements that most match your own personal tastes.  If you crave the look of an Italian villa, then choose flooring and cabinet materials in your kitchen that will take you back to Old World Italy whenever you walk in the room.

Incorporating the appliance and material upgrades and having the ability to choose the rich design elements you’ve always wanted are a clear advantage to custom building.

Custom Home Advantages: Budget and Value

With a custom built home you are also able to have full control over your budget.  This control has several distinct advantages.  First of all, you only pay for the features you want.  With a prebuilt home, there is typically added expense associated with making changes to the home’s design or layout prior to move in.

With a prebuilt home you also have more control over your budget.  When working with your home builder, you are able to make adjustments to your plans, materials and home’s features along the way; a practice that often allows you to get more bang for your luxury home purchase buck.

A prebuilt home offers move value in that you are only paying for the upgrades, features and amenities you want.  And since you are involved every step of the way, you have more opportunities to stretch your overall spending dollar.

Des Moines Luxury Home Builder

Building a luxury custom has many advantages which you won’t find in purchasing a prebuilt home.  Working with a Des Moines builder that understands your wants and needs and is able to make your dream home a reality is by far, the biggest advantage of all!

Take the first step and download our custom planner today and then contact us for an initial consultation and experience for yourself the many advantages of building your own luxury custom home.


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