Iowa New Homes: Building For Today’s Boomers

Trends for Iowa custom home trends for baby boomers

by admin on March 8, 2013


The Baby Boomers have always been open to new ways of doing things. Planning retirement homes is no exception. Unlike past generations, boomers aren’t necessarily looking to scale back their homes or downsize. Instead, many are choosing to build new homes in Iowa that provide everything they need now but offer flexibility for the future.

Meeting Baby Boomer Demands In Iowa New Homes

Here’s a quick look at some of the top features baby boomers are asking for in their Des Moines custom homes.

  • Woman-Centric Design Features. The demand for flexibility means baby boomers are seeking woman-centric design from their Iowa home builder. This style allows for flexible living spaces, provides plenty of storage and entertaining space as well as a few special spots for relaxing like whirlpool tubs or private porches.
  • Open Floor Plans. Boomers who want to stay in their Des Moines custom homes as long as possible are choosing open floor plans which will give them the space they need if their mobility becomes impaired as they age.
  • Main Level Laundry. Putting the washer and dryer on the main level saves retirees from having to go up and down stairs to do their laundry. This reduces their risk of injury and makes it easier for them to continue to care for themselves as they get older.
  • More Lighting. Larger windows and more task lighting give boomers the extra light they may need as their vision wanes.
  • Entertaining Space. As they maintain their activities and social relationships well into retirement, space to host gatherings of family and friends becomes important to baby boomers.
  • Accessible Master Suites. Boomers are choosing to make the doors of their master suites wider and the bathrooms larger to accommodate wheelchairs. They may also add a walk-in shower, grab bars and spigot handles instead of knobs.

Designing a home today that will work for you in the future is a smart move that will save you from having to remodel down the road. Search for design ideas or view our featured floor plans, then contact us for an initial design consultation to get started designing your dream retirement home!


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